Neodock Terms And Conditions / Terms of Service

Effective December 15, 2022

Changes made on December 15, 2022


These Terms of Service ("TOS") are a binding contract between you or the entity that you executed this agreement on behalf of ("you", "your") and Neodock ("Neodock", "we", "us", "our"). By contacting us, browsing our web sites, or using or purchasing our products or services ("Services"), you agree to abide by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in force at the time. These TOS may be modified at any time, and by continuing to contact, do business with, or consume Services from Neodock, you agree to be bound to the current TOS.


While Neodock provides Services that facilitate your communications and business on the Internet, we disclose that we only have control of the Services we provide directly, and are not financially or legally responsible for your actions, the actions of third parties, or the actions of individuals or entities that use your products or services as provided by our Services ("End-Users").


Neodock provides a number of products and services, which are collectively referred to as Services in this agreement. Regardless of payment or discount, any Service you request or allow to be provided by Neodock is included in this TOS. Each and every Service provided to you by Neodock are subject to our TOS and Privacy Policy. Services where Neodock refers you to a third party may contain additional or different Terms of Service that will apply to you. We will use reasonable efforts to inform you via electronic communications (e-mail) if we are able to identify a situation where a third party's Terms change while we are delivering a combined Service to you.

Terms that apply to all Hosting Services

Terms that apply to specific Hosting Services


You agree to not have physical or complete access to any server or device where you utilize Services from Neodock. You understand that the physical resources that your Services are provided from may be shared with other customers, may be used in any way by Neodock or their affiliates, and are not exclusive to you. You will not take any actions, make any configurations, change any settings, or install any programs, settings, utilities or other products to limit Neodock's access to our equipment.

Neodock may authenticate, administer, monitor, view or otherwise use any data within any Service for any reason at Neodock's discretion at any time, with or without notice to you.


By signing up to receive any Services from Neodock, you certify that you are legally authorized to enter into an agreement with Neodock, as determined by the laws of the United States, the state of Pennsylvania, the township of Swatara, and any other applicable regulatory bodies.

At all times while using Services provided by Neodock, you agree to provide Neodock with current contact and billing information, and to reasonably notify us when changes are made that affect Neodock's ability to contact you, invoice you or bill you for Services.

You agree that Neodock may contact you via any of the contact information that you provide, including e-mail, SMS, telephone call, US Mail or other reasonable means, for the purpose of providing updates, information or other communications about your account or Services.

You agree that Neodock has permission to access your account, Services, data and other assets as part of our Services and may use this for the purposes of monitoring, troubleshooting, or improving performance of our Services. You also agree that we can conduct automated or manual scans of any data stored within our services and may quarantine, change permissions, or delete any code, files or other assets that are detected or perceived to be malicious in nature.

Billing and Payment

Neodock is not bound to provide Services to you until we receive payment from you when you check out through our web store, your information is validated, and we can successfully process your order ("Effective Date"). We will begin delivery of your Service(s) on the Effective Date for one term, typically one month. If the page describing the Service does not specify the term, the term is one month.

Any Service between you and Neodock will automatically renew for the same duration and at the same established cost. All Service agreements with Neodock automatically rebill on the 7th day of each month via credit card. If you wish to discontinue any Services, you must notify Neodock via a support ticket no less than 7 days before the next billing cycle.

Either you or Neodock may terminate the Service effective at the beginning of the next renewal term for any reason by providing 7 days of notice via an e-mail or support ticket. You are asked to contact us if your cancellation is due to unsatisfactory services and to give us a chance to resolve the issue(s) prior to the termination of services if possible.

Neodock reserves the right to interrupt, suspend, cancel, terminate or purge any Service, without notice, if any of the following are true:

Upon termination, your account will be closed, data deleted, and all fees and charges due and payable must be paid to us. Once your account is closed, Neodock will have no responsibility to: forward email, DNS, or any other communications or to maintain any data that predates the termination or cancellation date.

If allowed by the TOS, you are encouraged at your expense to keep one or more Services active during any customer requested transition period if you wish to be able to forward your e-mail, recover backups or transition any other parts of your Service to a new provider.

Unacceptable and Prohibited Uses of our Services

The following listing represents a partial and not comprehensive list of uses that are not permitted on Neodock's Services. Neodock reserves the right to amend this list at any time and to declare any use of our Services as prohibited or unacceptable at our sole discretion:

If you believe that any Neodock customer is posting content that or is otherwise using Neodock's Services in a way that violates our prohibited uses please contact us at [email protected] immediately.

Other Legal Terms

You agree to, except as specified otherwise in these Terms of Service, hold Neodock harmless as well as our affiliates, partners, affiliated companies, and each of their respective owners, directors, officers, employees and agents ("indemnified party", "indemnified parties") from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, suits, liabilities, costs, actions, demands, legal or administrative processing, and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees threatened or asserted, or filed by you, any third party caused by any use of the Services, any of your data, and any consequences of your use of the Services or extensions thereof. The terms of this indemnity shall survive termination any agreement or Services between you, Neodock, and any of the other idemnified parties.