Neodock's Privacy Policy

Effective October 1, 2023

Changes made on October 1, 2023


Our privacy policy will help you understand what information Neodock collects, how we use it and will explain what choices you have in how we collect, handle and retain your information.

When this policy refers to "Neodock", "we", "our", or "us", we are referring to Neodock, the company which provides Services. When we talk about "Services" in this policy, we are discussing the services and solutions provided by Neodock as described on our website located at We use the terms "information" and "data" interchangeably in this policy.

Acceptance of the Policy

You accept this Privacy Policy by accessing or using our website (at,, or one of our partners (SmarterTools, Inc. at and Square at You also accept this policy by contacting us by sending e-mail to the domains, or, by placing an order for Services, or by submitting a support request to our support portal. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. If we make significant changes to our policy, the updated policy will be posted at If you do not agree with this Policy, we ask that you contact us and terminate any Services with Neodock. If you do not request termination of Services, we will continue to maintain and use any data collected under the terms of our Policy as it is currently published.

Information we collect

Customer Demographics - Customer Demographics refers to information submitted as part of the sales and account creation process at Neodock. We collect the name(s), contact address, billing address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and credit card information of our customers. This information is required of all of our customers, and is used to verify billing data and to submit charges through our authorized payment processor, Square.

Customer Data - Customer Data refers to information that customers submit, upload or store as part of the consumption of Neodock's Services. Customer Data can include, but is not limited to web pages, images, static files/content, source code, databases, database tables and rows, and any other information within a customer's control panel or stored on a virtual private server provided by Neodock.

Anonymous Information - Anonymous Information refers to information that we collect and log as part of traffic accessing our web sites, applications, or third-party integrations. This data includes the DNS name and public-facing IP addresses where traffic originates from, the URL and query string that you attempted to access and where you followed a link from, the date and time that the traffic was logged, computer-related information, such as the computer name, browser, operating system version, any plugins or other technologies installed, screen resolution, and the geo-IP resolution of your public-facing IP address to a latitude and longitude as provided by Google Analytics. We send one or more cookies or pixel tags with each response and your browser sends it back to us to correlate your traffic with a distinct session. You may decline to accept or send cookies or may use an ad-blocking technology to prevent tracking, however we as a result may not be able to securely authenticate your session and may deny you access to any Services as a result. This information is used by us to analyze traffic and usage of our Services, to enhance navigation, content and pages within our Services, and to troubleshoot and investigate issues with our Services.

Third-party information

Neodock may contract with third party organizations to assist us in our business, including processing payments, delivering Services or assisting us with marketing and providing offices of our Services that may apply to you. The following list is our disclosure of how we share data with third parties:

Google, Inc. Google Workspace - We utilize Google Workspace (Google Apps for Business / GSuite) as our e-mail, collaboration and productivity platform. Customer Demographics, Customer Data and Anonymous Data are stored, edited and viewed using GSuite.
Square, Inc. We use Square as our online payment processor. Square stores and proceses Customer Demographics (and customer billing information) for all of our customers and their orders/transactions.
SmarterTools, Inc. We use SmarterTools hosted SmarterTrack service as our service desk and help desk software. Customer Demographics (including billing information) and Customer Data related to support and billing requests are stored within SmarterTools cloud.
Plesk International GmbH We may share Customer Demographics and/or Customer Data with Plesk as part of them providing support for our use of their Plesk Control Panel which is installed in Neodock's data center.
Intuit, Inc. We use Intuit's on premise and cloud based software in the preparation of our financial and tax information. Our financial information, including Customer Demographics (specifically name and tax ID, if applicable) and transaction dates and amounts are stored and pass through Intuit's cloud.
Synology We use Synology's cloud (specifically C2 Cloud Backup) as our off-site cloud backup solution. Customer Demographics, Customer Data and Anonymous Data are encrypted within Neodock's data center and then transmitted and stored via TLS and an authenticated channel for long-term archive and recovery.
CloudFlare, Inc. We use CloudFlare as a content delivery network (CDN) and also to mitigate risk of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on our network. Customer Demographics, Customer Data and Anonymous Data is routed through CloudFlare as part of our delivery of Services.
Government, Law Enforcement, or Regulatory Bodies Neodock will comply with any valid, unquashed subpoena requesting data within our data center. We will provide notice to our customer if permitted to by the applicable law or writ. N/A
Third Party Details Applicable Policy

Your access to your information

You may request an inventory of, and export of and/or changes to be made to the data and information held by Neodock at any time. You can request any of these by following the instructions on our Contact Us page, or by opening a support ticket.

Deletion, Retention and Security of Data

Neodock has implemented reasonable technical, physical, procedural and administrative safeguards designed to protect data against loss, corruption and unauthorized access. Credentials (passwords, etc.) are stored in an encrypted format while within our systems and solutions. We share the minimum amount of data necessary with our third party providers to complete necessary business functions.

You may request that we delete or purge your data at any time. Upon request, except as required by law for us to fulfill our business or contractual obligations or to keep records of our transactions, we will comply with your request. Requesting us to purge your data will require the immediate termination of any Services between you and Neodock.

Children's Information

Neodock's Services are not directed, marketed or intended for use by anyone under the age of 18. If you are aware that a minor has engaged Neodock for Services or has provided data to us, please contact us so that we can take action.

Disputes, Questions and Concerns

In the event of a dispute regarding the collection, use or privacy of information, Neodock will attempt to answer any reasonable inquiries or to address any operational inconsistencies with this policy without reprimand or cost to you. Please contact us or open a support ticket if you have any questions about our Privacy policy or practices.