About Neodock

We are providers of enterprise-grade hardware and hosting at a fraction of the price

Our Mission

Neodock delivers services and solutions that rival large infrastructure providers, but without the cost, complexity and challenges. Plain and simple, we are an infrastructure as a service provider. We provide our customers with a fast, stable platform that grows with their needs, and avoid the bloat and lock-in that other vendors provide. We are honest and open with our customers and hope to build partnerships with them, rather than being a commodity provider.

The Neodock Guarantee

We proudly offer the Neodock Guarantee on our services. Unlike many of our peers, who hide behind thousands of words of legalese, we strive for a simple and understandable terms of service agreement. Here's how it works:

Your Responsibilities

In exchange for offering you the Neodock Guarantee, we ask that our customers adhere to the following expectations while using our services: